• John Donvan

  • Arianna Huffington and David Brooks

  • Ayaan Hirsi Ali

  • Karl Rove

  • Eliot Spitzer

  • Fareed Zakaria

  • James Galbraith

  • Nouriel Roubini and Laura Tyson

  • PJ O’Rourke

  • Randi Weingarten


With IQ2US, the Foundation has brought to the United States a program that is an acclaimed success in London-important, provocative, intellectually rich, humorous and dramatic. Intelligence Squared U.S. has presented more than 90 debates to a national audience of millions on a wide range of provocative and timely topics. From clean energy and the financial crisis, to the Middle East and the death of mainstream media, Intelligence Squared U.S. brings together the world’s leading authorities on the day’s most important issues.

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The series is based on the traditional Oxford-style debate format, with one side proposing and the other side opposing a sharply-framed motion. Before the debate begins, the audience registers their pre-debate opinion using an electronic voting system. These results are announced later in the program. Alternating between teams, each debater gives a 7-minute opening statement before diving into a lively debate and answering questions from the moderator and the audience. After 2-minute closing statements by each panelist, the audience votes once more. The audience delivers the final verdict by voting again whether they are for, against, or undecided on the proposition. The two sets of results are compared and the winner is determined by which team has swayed more audience members between the two votes.

Intelligence Squared US encourages you to expand your thoughts and reconsider where you stand on the issues. Initiated by the Rosenkranz Foundation in 2006, Intelligence Squared US has continued to provide a respectful forum for opposing ideas, demonstrating that the contrasting side is not always in the wrong. IQ2US provides a platform for disparate ideas and teams to deliver an entertaining and educational night.

Intelligence Squared US is distributed through NPR® and PBS® nationwide. Check your local listings for details. For information on tickets and membership packages, please visit the Intelligence Squared US website (www.iq2us.org) or call 212-303-4355.

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INDIVIDUALS AND ORGANIZATIONSIndividuals and Organizations Have a Constitutional Right to Unlimited Spending on Their Own Political Speech

June 26, 2014

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Death is Not Final Death is Not Final

May 7, 2014

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Millennials Don't Stand a Chance Millennials Don’t Stand a Chance

April 9, 2014

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More Clicks, Fewer Bricks The Lecture Hall is Obsolete More Clicks, Fewer Bricks: The Lecture Hall is Obsolete

April 2, 2014

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Featured Past Debaters

Arianna-HuffingtonArianna Huffington

Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Huffington Post

For – The Two-Party System is Making America Ungovernable

malcolm-gladwellMalcolm Gladwell

The New Yorker Staff Writer & Author, The Tipping Point

For – Ban College Football

eliot-spitzerEliot Spitzer

Former Governor of the State of New York

Against – Obama’s Economic Policies are Working Effectively

karl-roveKarl Rove

Fox News Contributor

Against – Bush 43 is the Worst President of the Last 50 Years

wesley-clarkGeneral Wesley Clark

Four-star General as NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander, Europe

Against – Obama’s Foreign Policy Spells America’s Decline